Thursday, November 13, 2008

I have now been awarded the "Excellent Award"

Thank you to Caitlin of Cupcake Sprinkles by Caitlin
for this super award :)

Now I have to pass this on to 4 people & explain why!!
Here we go:
Jessica - You are not only one of my Best Friends you are also one amazing person with loads of talent...who takes the time to inspire me to reach for the stars and acomplish my goals....Thank you... huggs

JuJuBee - We been through Good and Bad and managed to still have the Kind Of Friendship others only Dream about...Im so happy for you and the path that life has taken you on...
Not to mention your scrabooking and tag making are out of this world!

Candy Kisses Designz - You're blog has amazing freebies and tons of talent.
Thank you for sharing your talent!

Missy - You're work is absolutely beautiful and I love visiting your little place on the web and seeing what else your creative mind has came up with...

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